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The Grupo Santafesino de Microfluídica, abbreviated as GSaM, was established in October 2016 as a result of the interest in formalizing a series of joint projects that involve scientists from different research institutes of CONICET Santa Fe, in which the study of microfluidics as a discipline and as a technology tool for solving problems is the underlying commonality.

GSaM's mission covers the three facets we deem fundamental in our scientific work: research, teaching, and outreach. In accordance with the first part of its mission, GSaM carries out several research projects in microfluidics in collaboration with groups of scientists of several disciplines from Argentina and from abroad.

As far as teaching is concerned, in addition to the regular undergraduate courses taught by GSaM members at Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL) and Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN), GSaM offered the very first graduate course in microfluidics in Argentina, titled "Microfluidics: Fundamentals and Applications", attended by PhD students and faculty members from different parts of the country. Finally, GSaM is fully committed to the dissemination of microfluidics through its participation in different in-person and virtual science outreach activities, particularly those related to the discipline, aimed at both young people, children and teenagers, as well as the general public.



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