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Fronts is an open-source Python numerical library for solving one-dimensional transient nonlinear diffusion problems in semi-infinite domains. Developed by members of GSaM, Fronts constitutes an easy-to-use and efficient tool for solving the Richards equation of flow in porous media in lateral flow cases, and to study the shapes of wetting fronts that appear under these conditions.

For more information and to download Fronts, visit its project page on PyPI.


The electroMicroTransport library is a novel simulation toolbox for electromigrative problems. It is based on a formulation which includes all the fields, interaction and effects that configure both electrokinetic and electroosmotic phenomena for studying capillary and chip electromigrative separation methods. This simulation toolbox was developed by using the Finite Volume Method (FVM) in the platform OpenFOAM®. This implementation defines a new scenario for numerical simulations of electromigrative separations in terms of four main novel and outstanding characteristics offered by OpenFOAM® : (i) native 3D support, (ii) electroosmotic fluid flow solution by using Navier–Stokes equation, (iii) automatic parallel and supercomputing support, and (iv) GNU-GPL license. In this way, we put into consideration of the electromigrative separation community, for the first time, a simulation tool for a wide range of experimental methods such as capillary zone electrophoresis, isotachophoresis, and isoelectric focusing, among others. Validation and application examples are also provided and serve as tutorials.

To obtain electroMicroTransport, visit its GitLab page (GitLab account required).